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SViTAC (3)
 UltraFire - premium brands
ANKA Fire (11)
New Brand - Japan Design

LED Lights (68)
LEDs are better at placing light in a single direction than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Xenon Lights (1)
Xenon light is a relatively new technology in lighting, proving to be brighter than most artificial lighting, including halogen, and even more cost- and energy-efficient, as well. Xenon light produces five times more light than Halogen lights, and lasts even ten times longer. It has now replaced Halogen bulbs in automobile headlights.

Accessories (29)
Nylon Holster,Remote Switch,Bulb.........

Gun Use (12)
For Gun use ,with mount & remote switch

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UltraFire UF-T90(2800lm) with handle
UltraFire T90 with T6 X-ML LED x 4 (2800lm)
Price  $ 110.00
UltraFire UF-T30(800lm) can directly charging
UF-T30 (Can directly charging battery at USB) with steel tip (Glass Breaking Tools)
Price  $ 48.00
UltraFire UF-T20(600lm)
UltraFire UF-T20 600lm adjustable brightness with memory function (support  AA, CR123 ,16340,14500 battery)
Price  $ 39.00
UltraFire WF700L (1000lm)
UltraFire WF700L (Long-short  freedom of choice) Battery use :18650 or 18650 x 2
Price  $ 45.00
UltraFire UF-H8 900lm (with hand carry case)
Include Hand Carry case  UF-H8 900lm
Price  $ 48.00
UltraFire UF-5C (900lm) Super long
Super Long body  use C size (1.5V) battery x 5
Price  $ 45.00
UltraFire U22B T6 XML x 2 (Bicycle LED Light )
T6 XML LED x 2  (1600lm)


  • AC Adapter (100V-240V) x 1
  • 18650 rechargeable battery x 4 (SET) x 1
Price  $ 99.00
UltraFire M6 T6 XML LED 800lm
Small size T6 800lm (Use CR123A battery or 16340 rechargeable battery)
Price  $ 38.00
UltraFire 503A T6 XML LED
Can change long (Use 18650) or short (Use CR123A) 1000lm
Price  $ 45.00
UltraFire H6 (800lm)
UltraFire H6 CREE T6 XML LED 800lm Ultra bright adjustable 4 brightness mode
Price  $ 45.00
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